Todd Hido Khrystyna's World

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Todd Hido Khrystyna's World


1st edition, 1st printing.

  • Hardcover
  • Publisher: Reflex Amsterdam; 1st edition (2015)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 9071848221
  • ISBN-13: 978-9071848223

Khrystyna has the rare ability to become unrecognizable; to become somebody else - many different people, in fact. Todd Hido, meanwhile, had never really bought into the idea of a muse. He had never worked so consistently with a single model before, but with just one Khrystyna he found himself capturing endless others: characters, times, places. She had approached him first, in 2010. Khrystyna works in the 'conventional' modeling world by day: lipstick and glamorous fashion shoots. When posing for Hido, however, her psycho- logy changes. She isn't afraid to become unattractive when the photograph calls for it, or to disturb the viewer. Throughout Khrystyna's World, however different the implied stories that Hido creates across this sweeping body of work, a single constant is Khrystyna's fullness of expression. Never simply a prop for hair and makeup, she is an animate communication of Hido's complex environments, their spirits, shadows and combustible associations. In a single collection of photographs, Hido illustrates a sense of empowerment with the skeleton of vulnerability, sarcasm in the face of threat, and playfulness despite gravity. He ends on a beautiful moment of introspection: sunshine cascading onto the exposed shoulder of a woman with her face turned down, away from the camera. There is no context to date or set the photograph, only black surrounds her. Khrystyna's World exists outside of time and place, therefore. The physical world shapes the title character's internal one, at the same time that it is the reflection of it. The same can be said of Hido's photographs. Viewers often remark about the power- ful sense of familiarity they feel in Hido's work. 'You know, this reminds me of...' say very different people, from very different backgrounds. Of what? Sometimes of something the viewer wishes to forget again.

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